Day Programs

Community Participation

Is a post school program to meet the needs of individuals. NewIDAFE always provides a person centred approach to all programs. An example of some community programs we offer are:

  • Access to community events (i.e. theatre, sporting)
  • Opportunities to participate in community life
  • Opportunities for increased independence
  • Social inclusions
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Social events (i.e. clubs, groups)
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Health and hygiene programs
  • In-home assistance
  • Therapeutic programs and activities
  • Communication skills
  • Living skills
  • Work experience programs
  • Exercise activity program

Our programs are culturally respectful as well as considerate of people’s rights as adults.


Transition to Work

Is a program which is designed to provide training to people in a work environment.

NewIDAFE has a 10 module work readiness course that it delivers over the first 12 months.

NewIDAFE also believes in the importance of the development of life skills in providing a quality vocational program. The skills that participants will gain from this program will be in various aspects of their life, therefore impacting on their vocational outcomes.

An example of some transition to work programs we provide are:

  • WHS in the workplace
  • Workplace literacy
  • Punctuality and attendance
  • Work environment
  • Team work
  • Resumes
  • Work experience programs
  • Discrimination
  • Interviews
  • Dress and hygiene
  • Money management
  • Protective behaviours

Life Choices And Active Ageing

The Life Choices and Active Ageing programs are designed to assist in meeting the needs of individuals aged 25-64.

It offers flexible day programs and activities to meet individual needs, health and goals through a large range of service programs and types.

These programs are matched to the persons changing needs, skills and interests.

This program also provides for longer term future planning for adults, their families and carers in culturally appropriate activities.