About Us

NewIDAFE Inc Disability Services

NewIDAFE is a not-for-profit organisation who provides programs and respite to adults (18+) with a disability in the Port Macquarie Hastings area.

In 1997 NewIDAFE opened as a small support service for adults (18+) with a disability in Port Macquarie. We offer community based, in-home and centre based programs in the Hastings area and service transport facilities are available.

Our Aim Is To:

● Provide individual support which aims at the total development of the people attending the service that support your choices
● Provide a safe, healthy, caring and learning environment
● Support in your home for personal and self care needs
● Support and nurture life skills for people in their use of community and at home
● Effectively network within the local community to further develop opportunities, access and choice for people
● Nurture social network through community involvement as well as valuing and supporting family relationships

Our Mission:

To achieve at your own level is of the utmost importance to each one of us.

Our Vision:

NewIDAFE will always listen and do their utmost to provide independence, fun, happiness as well as encourage opportunities for each person to realise their personal best at whatever level in a welcoming and safe environment.