A Program of Support is an agreement between a participant and a provider such as Newidafe. This agreement shows the supports that will be received by a participant and will be included in the Newidafe Service Agreement.

Programs of Support were introduced by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2021 as part of an industry-wide change which many providers are now adopting.

The purpose of the Programs of Support is to assist participants achieve specific goals such as living independently, making friends, or building on work skills.

There is a different Program of Support for each service you access at Newidafe (eg. Community Access, living skills), which means you may have several Programs of Support.

In 2022/23 many of Newidafe’s NDIS services will be transitioning to Programs of Support. This DOESN’T mean there will be changes to your regular programs, it just means they will be scheduled into 5 set blocks of time of up to 10 weeks each.

By setting up 10 week blocks we are able to run more effective services with more focus on supports with set outcomes and timeframes. It will also allow us to help facilitate regular goal plan review and allow our team to plan for each individual’s future support needs. This approach gives both Newidafe, and our participants and employees greater certainly that supports are:

  • Being delivered based on each individual’s needs
  • Being monitored and reviewed more frequently throughout the year

How it Works (Reference: NDIS Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits 2022-23):

A provider of group-based supports in any of the following categories can enter into an agreement with a participant for a Program of Support, especially where the program is towards the achievement of a specified outcome:

  • Any support in the Assistance in Shared Living Arrangements – Supported Independent Living section of the Assistance with Daily Life Support Category;
  • Any support in the Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation Support Category, including Supports in Employment; and
  • Any support in any Capacity Building Support Category.

Under this approach, providers claim against the plans of all the participants who had agreed to attend an instance of support in the Program of Support as though they had attended (whether or not they did) – as long as the provider had the capacity to deliver the support. Supports delivered as part of a Program of Supports are not subject to the short notice cancellation rules.

Note: Providers in Registration Group 0118 (Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood) can include 1:1 supports in a Program of Support but only where these are provided in combination with group supports.

As we previously stated, Programs of Support can only be offered if the duration of the program is no longer than 10 weeks (unless specifically allowed for in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits; and participants are able to exit from the Program of Supports without cost, subject to a notice period of no more than two (2) weeks. Providers and participants can agree to a new Program of Support at any time.

Providers who offer programs of support must enter into an agreement with each participant specifying the Program of Support, including its length, exit rules and intended outcomes. These agreements must be consistent with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. In particular, providers cannot pre-claim for programs of support. Each instance of support in the Program of Support has to be delivered before the provider can claim for that instance of support.

What is the difference between a Schedule of Support and a Program of Support:

Your Schedule of Support shows you the total cost of your Newidafe services and how this is funded from your NDIS plan.

Your Program of Support will be listed in your Schedule of Support. It details the service, length of the program, and desired program outcomes (e.g. living skills, social relationships, developing certain skills, work experience) of each Program.

Details of this Program can be found in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2022/23 Page 29

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