Daily living skills are the skills we use to perform everyday tasks in daily life.

Newidafe offers support services to maintain people’s ability to live independently while increasing their capacity to undertake personal domestic activities with greater independence.

We are here to help!

Your support person can work alongside you to undertake your domestic activities while working with you to build your skills to live with greater independence.

Before support is provided, we will discuss with you, your individual needs and goals to support you in your home and create a service that meets your needs.

Examples of services we can support you with are:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Shopping
  • Cooking skills
  • Personal care
  • Support to join gyms, educational courses or other groups of interest
  • Money skills
  • Cleaning skills
  • Road safety
  • Using public transport
  • Communication
  • Social Skills

Newidafe can assist you in learning these new skills in a group or one-on-one environment. It is all up to you. Just let us know what you would like to learn, and the rest is history!

We can come to you!

Sometimes learning in your own home where you are most comfortable makes it easier and sometimes, we all just need a little bit of help getting things done.
Whatever the reason, we can make it happen.

Our Support Workers can come to your home and support you with morning and afternoon routines, personal care, meal prepping, domestic tasks and much more.

NDIS support categories

Daily Living Skills are funded under one of the following in your NDIS plan.

Core – Assistance with Daily Life
Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living Skills

NDIS Registered & Certified Provider

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