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Respite Information:

NewIDAFE  continues to offer quality Respite care for adults to take a relaxing break away in a safe & professional environment.

This support will be fully supervised 24hrs per day by qualified and experienced staff.

We offer a fun and relaxing environment and our guarantee is that you will have a great time, stress free, whilst enjoying new and different experiences.

We will work with you to understand any specific needs and to find a suitable team member to help you with any requirements.

The accommodation is fully accessible and:

  • is single use accommodation which means you have our house to yourself and the support worker overnight,
  • alternate premises can be discussed as another option,
  • full access to the living area/ WIFI/ Netflix,
  • own private bedroom and bathroom/toilet,
  • transport is available,
  • we offer individual or group outings during the day.

Short Term Accommodation can also be accessed for planned rest or for emergency accommodation.

With the extension of our Respite facilities we also have additional accommodation that may be of interest to you.  This may include hotel accommodation and other options that we are more than happy to discuss.

We offer the service 24hrs per day, 7 days per week for 50 weeks per year.  Our services may not available during a period of 2 weeks over Christmas, this would be dependant on staff availability.

Please call Newidafe on 02 6583 5545 for further information and/or bookings.

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